DPS International is now an authorised MYP school.            For Summer Camp ( Soccer, Basketball,Badminton, Theatre and Technology camp) queries call 8377000165            Admissions open for Pre Nursery to Grade 9 for the academic year 2017-18. Please call +91 8377000164/65 for any admission related queries.            

21st - 25th July 2014:- Monday to Friday:- Inset for Teachers

28th July 2014:- Monday:- Setting up Classes

29th July 2014:- Tuesday:- Id-Ul-Fitr

04th August 2014:- Monday New session begins

09th August 2014:- Saturday PYP Orientation for Parents

10th August 2014:- Sunday Raksha Bandhan

15th August 2014:- Friday Independence Day

18th August 2014:- Monday Janamashtami

23rd August 2014:- Saturday Meet the Teacher Day

05th September 2014:- Friday Teachers' Day

14th September 2014:- Sunday Hindi Day

27th September 2014:- Working Saturday for teachers

02nd October 2014:- Thursday Gandhi Jayanti

03rd October 2014:- Friday Dusshera

04th October 2014:- Saturday World Animal Day

06th October 2014:- Monday Bakri-id

11th October 2014:- Saturday Parent Teacher Meeting

18th October 2014:- Saturday Working Saturday for Teachers

20th - 24th October 2014:- Mid Term Break

23rd October 2014:- Thursday Diwali

27th October 2014:- Monday School reopens

01st November 2014:- Saturday Haryana Day

04th November 2014:- Tuesday Muhharam

06th November 2014:- Thursday Guru Nanak Jayanti

17th-18th November 2014:- Annual Camps

03rd December 2014:- Wednesday International Day for persons with Disability

06th December 2014:- Saturday Working Saturday for Teachers

20th December 2014:- Saturday Inset for Teachers

22nd December 2014:- Monday Winter vacations begins

25th December 2014:- Thursday Christmas

09th - 10th January 2015:- Inset for Teachers

12th January 2015:- Monday School reopens

26th January 2015:- Monday Republic Day

6th & 7th February 2015:- PYP Workshop for Teachers

8th February 2015:- Spring Carnival

17th February 2015:- Maha Shivratri

28th February 2015:- Working Saturday for Teachers

04th - 09th March 2015:- Mid Term Break

06th March 2015:- Friday Holi

10th March 2015:- Tuesday School reopens

14th March 2015:- Saturday PTM

22nd March 2015:- Sunday World Water Day

28th March 2015:- Saturday Ram Navami

02nd April 2015:- Thursday Mahavir Jayanti

03rd April 2015:- Friday Good Friday

14th April 2015:- Tuesday Ambedkar Jayanti

25th April 2015:- Saturday Working Saturday for Teachers

02th May 2015:- Saturday Student Led Conference

04th May 2015:- Monday Buddha Purnima

09th May 2015:- Saturday Student Led Conference

28th May 2015:- Thursday Moving on Day for Grade 5

29th May 2015:- Friday Last working day

01st - 10th June 2015:- Inset for Teachers

18th July 2015:- Saturday Id-Ul-Fitr

15th August 2015:- Saturday Independence Day

29th August 2015:- Saturday Raksha Bandhan

5th September 2015:- Saturday Janmastami,Teacher's Day

25th September 2015:- Friday Bakri-Id

2nd October 2015:- Friday Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti

4th October 2015:- Sunday World Animal Day

16th-17th October 2015:- Parent Teacher Meeting

21th-23rd October 2015:- Mid Term Break

22nd October 2015:- Thursday Dusshera

24th October 2015:- Saturday Muharram

1st November 2015:- Sunday Haryana Day

11th-13th November 2015:- Diwali Holiday

14th November 2015:- Saturday Children's Day

25th November 2015:- Wednesday Guru Nanak Jayanti

3rd December 2015:- Thursday International Day for Persons with Disabilities

10th December 2015:- Thursday Human Rights Day

23rd December to 8 Jan 2015:- Winter Break

24th December 2015:- Thursday Id-E-Milad

25th December 2015:- Friday Christmas

11th January 2016:- Monday School Reopens

26th January 2016:- Tuesday Republic Day

21st February 2016:- Monday International Mother Language Day

7th March 2016:- Monday Mahashivratri

11th-12th March 2016:- Parent Teacher Meeting

21st-25th March 2016:- Mid Term Break

22nd March 2016:- Tuesday World Water Day

23rd March 2016:- Wednesday Holi

25th March 2016:- Friday Good Friday

14th April 2016:- Thursday AmbedkarJayanti

15th April 2016:- Friday Ram Navami

19th April 2016:- Tuesday MahavirJayanti

22nd April 2016:- Friday Earth Day

21st May 2016:- Saturday Buddha Purnima

27th May 2016:- Last day of school for students

30th May 2016:- Monday Summer break begins

1st June 2016:- wednesday Summer Break Begins

7th July 2016:- Id-Ul-Fitr

1st August 2016:- School reopens for new academic session

15th August 2016:- Independence Day

25th August 2016:- Janmastami

5th September 2016:- Teacher's Day

12th September 2016:- Id-Ul- Zuha

2nd October 2016:- Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti

11th October 2016:- Dusshera

12th October 2016:- Muharram

14th -15 October 2016:- PTM

30th October 2016:- Diwali

31st October 2016 - 4th November 201 Mid Term Break

1st November 2016:- Haryana Day

11th - 14th November 2016:- Annual Camps

14th November 2016:- Children's Day, Guru Nanak Jayanti

12th December 2016:- Id-E-Milad

26th December 2016:- Winter break begins

25th December 2016:- Christmas

5th January 2017:- Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti

11th January 2017:- School reopens

26th January 2017:- - Republic Day

21st February 2017:- International Mother Language Day

24th February 2017:- Maha Shivratri

10th March 2017:- PTM

13th March 2017:- Holi

13th - 15th March 2017:- Mid Term Break

14th April 2017:- Ambedkar Jayanti, Good Friday

22th April 2017:- Earth Day

10th May 2017:- Buddha Purnima

24th May 2017:- Summer break begins for Pre Nur to KG

29th May 2017:- Summer Break Begins for Gr 1- MYP 3